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How does this business model work ?

We have several options for you. You may choose whichever plan suits your requirements best. We would help you put together a mid- to long-term strategy. We will look at your Amazon store account health page to advise. You can create an account with us in minutes. We can then assign products to your account for and upload these products to your store. You do not need a large startup capital investment for your stock, you do not need to pay for a warehouse, business rates or for utility bills!

Do I manage my store myself ?

Once we load the products to your store (depending on which package you selected), you will then be able to manage your store (orders, dispatches, messages, returns and refunds etc.). Simply check out for orders and place the orders on our website using your login credentials as and when you receive the orders. Alternatively, opt in the package for full automation and let us run the entire operation and you do not do a thing!

How soon can you get my store up and running ?

Our clients are informed that a typical store will take up to 30-45 days to be operative.

What is the average margins on products?

The average margin on products you will have on your store is between 35 and 50%.

How many products will I have on my store ?

We usually estimate around 5-30K products depending on the package selected. There is also the option to upgrade your plan for more products and we will offer this option at an exclusive price to you.

How long does it take to have this many products loaded on my store?

It can take up to 3-4 months to reach this level. This is due to Amazon limiting the number of products which can be loaded weekly in some cases. It is also important to keep in mind that it can take longer for new accounts.

Does the system work only for EU markets?

No, we will guide you to perform on other marketplaces too. You will be able to operate on different marketplaces depending on the plan you select.

How long does it take to get to a profitable position?

This depends, every account is different. We treat them case by case. Usually within 3-6 months, stores become profitable with healthy turnovers.

What is the cost?

Please visit the pricing section on our site for all packages available.

Will I be able to cover my investment?

None of the members we have registered with our system lost any money. You will do way more than just covering your investment and monthly payments. This will be a great passive income for you.

Can I start this business with £10K?

It depends which package you chose and how many products you have on your store. This depends on the order volumes you receive. Bear in mind that Amazon will only pay you every 15 days so you would need a credit card or some investment to start buying and selling.

Will I need any further funding to run this business?

You will need funds or credit card to pay for the stock as and when you receive the orders. What is the monthly turnover of an average store? An average store can turnover a monthly amount starting from £12K going to over £80K.

What do I need to do daily for the business?

NOTHING if you chose to opt in for our fully automated service. Otherwise, you will have to manage your own store.

How do I receive payments?

You receive your payments from Amazon twice a month.

How do I send you the funds?

You will pay for the orders as and when you receive the orders using your credit or debit card. A direct debit for the monthly costs will be set up by our payment gateways (Stripe and/or PayPal). One off payments will be charged beforehand and any annual payments will be invoiced and sent to the clients for the payments. We accept payments online or via bank transfers.

Do I have to stay in touch every day?

Not necessarily, unless if you opt in to manage your store daily or wish to do so.

What happens if my account is suspended?

We take a strict and professional approach to ensure we eliminate all factors to ensure this doesn’t happen. We do not list all types of products and remove any restricted or prohibited products. Still, if any problem occurs, our team will guide you together with our sister company appeal team who are experts in this field to get your account back to business as soon as possible.

Can I deduct the fees paid as business costs?

Yes, these can all be invoiced for your accounting requirements.

Do I need to be VAT registered?

No do you not need to be a VAT registered company to do this. Most of the products are dispatched directly from our suppliers, some of the products will not have VAT added as the suppliers pay for the custom fees themselves when shipping the products.

Do I need to hire anybody to help me?

This depends on your volume. Any startups can start controlling their own accounts under normal circumstances unless you are tied up with other commitments. In such cases, you may contact us for virtual staff requirements. You do not need to hire anybody if you opt in to fully automate your Amazon store. The beauty of this is that we will run the entire operation for you so you can relax and enjoy having a passive income. If you wish to manage your account and you have no other occupation, then you will not need to do this right away.

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