Returns and Refunds

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As per the consumer rights regulations in the UK, you are obliged to inform as soon as you wish to return a product you purchased. You have the right to no-fault returns of goods bought online as long as you inform us within 7 days of purchase. Unlike buying in-store, you have a legal right to send goods back even if they are not faulty. You have 30 days to return any goods (return of faulty goods for a full refund) if the goods are faulty, you are entitled to a full refund provided you haven’t “accepted them”. This means that you have had time to inspect the goods and reject them. You must still inform us as soon as possible (this is no later than 7 days after receiving the goods).

We will ask you to return the goods to the given customer service address at your own cost. We suggest that you do this with a reputable courier in order to ensure this can be traced and will be delivered to the address on time and safely. Once the product is received, we will investigate the product and issue a full refund. Postage / shipping payment may be a deducted from the total refund if the product is not faulty but the customer simply changed their mind. A full refund otherwise will be issued upon receipt of the product if the product was faulty.

Customers will be able to exchange the products as soon as they return the unwanted units back to our return address.

The following products will not be accepted and be excluded from our returns policy. Beauty products, bra and bra accessories, duvets, earrings, toilet accessories, disposable items, hygienic healthcare products, tailor made / personalised products, mattress protectors, pillows, swimwear, toiletries, electronic devices removed from its original packaging and any product with a seal where the seal is broken.


When will I receive my refund?

We aim to investigate and issue a refund no longer than 2 days after receiving the return and the full amount would be returned to your original payment method within 5 working days.


The card I made the payment is expired, how do I receive my refund?

Your card number usually stays the same but in case if this is different you may ask our team to assist you further. We can do a bank transfer or send this amount via PayPal. You may also ask for a gift voucher to use this amount at a later stage.


What should I do if the product I purchased has a quality issue?

Please contact us for further assistance.


Do you have prepaid labels to send the product I ordered?

We do not have any prepaid labels to return this unit. The reason is that many of our products are also dispatched directly from our suppliers or manufacturers which makes it difficult to track the size and total weight of the parcel. If you find it difficult to book a return yourself and post this, please let us know and we can do this for you and deduct the cost of doing this when we issue a refund.



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