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25 May 2021 / Writer: Naveed Dumasia

Learn From Their Mistakes! 5 Low-Rated Dropshipping Stores

It is said that ‘mistakes make perfect.' While this may be true for other aspects of life, it is certainly not for businessmen and entrepreneurs. There is absolutely no room for mistakes when you're handling a business. Mistakes mean monetary and customer loss, both of which are assets in the industry. Becoming a dropshipping product importer is no different. You require the same techniques to run your dropshipping store as any other entrepreneur would otherwise use.

So, why is it important to read about low-rated dropshipping stores? This is because we want you to see where people are going wrong in their business strategies. Knowing their mistake would make it easier for you to avoid them and build a popular dropshipping products store from day one! Listed below are the five bad dropshipping stores;

The Mamma Shop

One of the significant drawbacks of this dropshipping product importer website is its bad UX. An example is the color of the chatbox. The bright purple color stings to the eye and is not appealing at all. Having a good user experience does half of the job for you. The design and aesthetics are the first things that attract the customer.


Another bad example would be the missing pages. Important pages such as Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are missing on this website. Even though they are selling licensed dropshipping products, there is no proof of it, which is terrible.

My Max Deals

Ranking second is ‘My Max Deals.’ Who advertises other stores on a dropshipping product importer platform itself? Letting your customers wander off to some different website store is entirely insane. Another important thing to notice is their poorly structured website. Their social media icons at the bottom redirect to the homepage, which shows that they have paid little or no attention to their website's structure.

Remember to compete with the high ticket drop shipping product sellers; you need to have your website game strong!


This dropshipping product importer site has some serious design issues which can instantly put off any customer. First and foremost is their 'Add to Cart' button. The colorless and transparent button with pointed corners gives off a cold vibe, not appealing to the eye. Another mistake to point out is their missing legal pages. Like who would want to buy from a store that does not display their legality? I won't!

Online Deals HQ

A pool of red blunders, I'd say! This trending dropshipping product seller seems to be obsessed with the color red. From the menu bar to the buttons, everything is RED! When choosing website colors, you must stick to just 2-3 neutral colors that don't sting the eye and makes surfing smooth.


A dropshipping product importer with no reviews. Customer reviews and feedbacks are some of the essential features that help you sell your product. Without it, people find it challenging to build trust on any e-commerce website.


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