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15 April 2021 / Writer: Naveed Dumasia

How to Gain A Competitive Edge By Selling Dropshipping Products?

According to statistics and records for the online selling industry, the business of dropshipping products has proven to be one of the best and easiest ones. The sourcing strategies are so well established on the international market that it is considered a prerequisite for success.

Although you can run a full-fledged business in very little time by selling the best dropshipping products in the market, it must be noticed that the margin rate per product sold is lower than traditional retailing. Recently the debates on this particular topic have arisen in one of the largest dropshipping markets, the US.


Can one really earn a profit when compared to selling the dropshipping products on their own?

Of course! 

In reference to the latest research, it has been discovered that dropshipping business has increased sales and profitability. Don't worry if you are still in doubt, because this article will shed light on strategies and techniques that are bound to trigger many dropshipping ideas. These tips and tricks help anyone who wants to profit from their dropshipping products and gain a competitive advantage.

Methods to Gain A Competitive Edge by Selling Dropshipping Products.

  1. Make Dropshipping a Part of Your Assortment Category

In order to profit from your top dropshipping products, you need to work with proper assortment strategies so as to gain sales from popular dropshipping products and generate more profit.

You want to begin doing this by sorting the top products to dropship, in a ‘product hierarchy,’ having 2-5 different levels. The hierarchy's highest level is the most beneficial to the customer, whereas the lowest level, known as 'entry level,' has the lowest cut price. Here is an example of a blender machine to help you get started:

  1. Entry Level Product

Low-quality, no-name, cheapest products

  1. Private Label Product

Better quality, more functionality, affordable, but slightly expensive than the entry level product.

  1. Famous Brand Product

High quality, full functionalities, expensive than entry level and private level products, falls under the deluxe dropshipping products category.


  1. Careful Dropshipping Products Selection for Assortment

If you’re worried about sourcing products, this step will clear out all your queries. Assorting the products allows you to quickly phase in new dropshipping products or discarding the ones that aren’t selling well.

As there are always two sides to a coin, the products' dynamic addition involves a few risks too. Although the easy addition of the best dropshipping products will allow you to test the products live and add them in a short time, you can also lose control of these products. So, to be on track, follow these traditional guidelines;

  • Design

Design is the first thing that attracts customers. There may be plenty of top dropshipping products of the same niche as you, but it is always the design that catches the customer's eye, which leads to actual sales and, subsequently, profit. Ensure that you always have the best supplier.

  • DNA

Make sure always clearly to define your customer and market group. This helps in selecting a DNA for your company to be represented by or associated with.

  • Long-term Brand

Low term brand or high term brand? The choice is entirely yours. The quality of your dropshipping products defines this factor.


  1. Acknowledge the Benefits of Digital Marketing

After all the discussion, one thing that is quite obvious is that dropshipping has lower margins. But that doesn’t mean there’s no good money in it.

Digital marketing has taken the world by storm. Everything and anything can be sold and marketed on various social media platforms or SEO, paid-ads and more, with minimal efforts. If you own a dropshipping business, you must optimize the content of your dropshipping website to attract potential leads. Learn SEO strategies and other things you can do that can help your website rank high on Google. When you rank high, you get a massive inflow of traffic to your website resulting in increased sales.


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