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18 December 2020 / Writer: Naveed

How to Market Your Dropshipping Store

If you have been thinking of becoming an entrepreneur entirely or want to keep it as a side hustle, opening a dropshipping center would be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to start your new ventures. Why you ask? Because drop shipping companies don’t deal with inventory and shipping, two of the most expensive aspects of e-commerce. So, before we begin with the marketing tips for your dropshipping store, let’s first learn what is dropshipping?

So, what Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method that does not require you to maintain an inventory. Whenever you make a sale, the dropshipping center will supply your product from the warehouse directly to the customer.



Embrace the Power of Social Media to boost dropshipping center.

Facebook and TikTok are the two most widely used social media platforms. These platforms have an exceptional reach and have a variety of audience demographics. With more than 2.01 billion Facebook users and 500 million TikTok users, you have two massive platforms to market your dropshipping center on. We're not even counting Instagram, which is a whole another world of social media in itself.

Facebook is no doubt the real data collector! And we mean it because statistics show that entrepreneurs love Facebook's easier ad placement methods and impressive target audience. Whereas TikTok is equally competent as it has a lower ad budget but manages to get more clicks than Facebook. So, start marketing on socials and become the best dropshippers today!

Blogging Never Goes Wrong

The 5th most reliable source of information on the internet right now are blog posts. Since it is a cheaper marketing method, most drop shipping companies use blog marketing to reach their target audience.

Blog marketing is the right tool to build your audience and generate greater sales and traffic for your dropshipping center. It also boosts your SEO results making your page rank higher in Google's search results. There are multiple blog topics you can begin with, such as 'what is drop shipping,’ how to be the best dropshippers in town,' etc.  

Put Up Customer Reviews and Comment


Customer reviews, testimonials, and comments are some of the few things that will make your dropshipping center look reliable. If you have a dropshipping website, the first thing a customer will look for is the experience others have had with your company. This is why many drop shipping companies make a dedicated page for previous customer reviews and testimonials. Having satisfied customer reviews on your website will prove that you are the most reliable and best dropshippers around.

Connect with your niche

Wouldn’t it be peculiar if you owned a skincare dropshipping center and market it on a ’gadget lovers’ page? That would be a total waste of time, effort, and money. And since you’re an entrepreneur, losing these three things wouldn’t do any good to you.

So, to connect with the customers who would be interested in your services, you might want to join niche-specific groups. Most dropshipping companies do this because it helps them know about what the customers are looking for, how they can help them, and plenty of opportunities to shamelessly pitch their dropshipping center and not be judged!

Use UpSell and Cross-Marketing Techniques

The best dropshippers are always on the outlook for maximizing their transactions in every possible way. Upselling and cross-selling are those techniques that surge impulsive buys and has the potential to grow your dropshipping center as a brand by generating revenue to as high as 70%.

Have you seen that 'Frequently Bought Together' option? That's how Amazon uses this technique to make millions by using this simple technique! All you have to do is advance your marketing algorithms, and voila, you're in the race to become the best dropshippers in the city!

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