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12 January 2021 / Writer: Naveed

How to Drive Traffic to your Dropshipping Store?

Any dropshipping platform has a massive traffic inflow. But not all make it to your online dropshipping store. Have you been facing issues to drive traffic? Then you've landed on the right page as this blog is the ultimate dropshipping guide for beginners who want to learn about driving organic traffic to their websites. This blog will discuss four practical strategies that would bring a drastic change in your conversion and sales rates.


Compare your Dropshipping Store with Other Dropshipping Platforms A.K.A. Competitors.

When starting a business, you must always be aware of what your competitor is up to. This might sound immoral, but trust us, it's not! It is one of the smartest ways to figure out your mistakes and how you overcome them.

So, to ace the game of getting the most traffic, you need to conduct a test analysis on dropshipping platforms. By doing so, you can compare how they use their keywords and how you do it. You can also gain an insight into the websites they are getting their backlinks from. Detailed statistics like these can easily detect your mistake and how you can perfect them. Analytics tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush can help you conduct researches.

How to Drive Traffic to your Dropshipping Store?


Make Your Keywords Game Stronger

Keywords are like oxygen to SEO; it can make or break your website's presence on the internet within minutes. Having the right keywords can uplift your SEO rankings and drive more organic traffic to your website, making you the highest ranked and the best dropshipping wholesalers on all of the dropshipping platforms.


There are plenty of tools such as SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner that are reliable to find the relevant and best keywords for your website's content and, most importantly, dropshipping products and their descriptions on every dropshipping platform.

The next step is to add these keywords to your meta descriptions, URL, and page titles. While doing so, be mindful that the keywords you use make perfect sense with the sentence. Do not overstuff! Trust us; overstuffing is the worst you can do to your dropshipping store as it results in penalties on almost every dropshipping platform.


Faster Loading Pages Make Visitors Stay

Yes, you heard that right. Websites and pages that load slowly are the most irritating. Ask yourself this, would you stay on a website that takes more than a minute to load? No, right. To ensure that this is not happening with your dropshipping center's website on any dropshipping platform, you need to increase your page speed.

The websites of the best dropshipping wholesalers always load their pages faster to make their audience stay. Understand that the dropshipping stores' conversion rates increase by 8.4% if the page speed improves by 0.1 seconds. In addition to that, the average order value increases by 9.4%!

So, you see, that the page loading speed is directly related to organic traffic or growth. You can use Test My Site and Google PageSpeed Insights tools to show you your website's performance.


Improve the Look of Your Website

Did you know that most of the audience judge your dropshipping business on any dropshipping platform by your website's look? So, it is vital to have a top-notch architecture that drives traffic to your website, making you the best dropshipping wholesalers in town!

Your website should be easy to navigate; the customer should not feel lost when they first visit your website because if they do, the chances are that they're not coming back. Having a thoroughly thought structure of a website is crucial. Right fonts, soothing color schemes, and aesthetically shot dropshipping products pump life into a dull website.

The last thing in this dropshipping guide for beginners is to make your websites mobile-friendly. 80% of the audience use mobile phones as their chosen device to surf the web. So, to drive organic traffic to your dropshipping store, ensure that your website is mobile optimized.


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