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22 April 2021 / Writer: Naveed Dumasia

Email Marketing Strategies That Make You the Best Dropshipping Product Importer

Our inboxes are flooded with all sorts of marketing emails. Most of which are ignored, but some manage to catch our attention and make us read it. That is how a good email marketing strategy works.

An effective email marketing campaign helps you build a rapport with potential customers. You should use this to be the best dropshipping product importer and share important updates and news about your dropshipping products. So, let's get started!

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Step #1: Work with a Vision

Email marketing or any other marketing strategy is not effective without goals as it helps you know which strategy works for you and track your promotional results. So to make your platform have the best selling dropshipping products, you need to take up the S.M.A.R.T. strategy.

S – Specific

Clarity is the key. Don't be confused with other things you might want to achieve later; rather, be focused on one.

M – Measurable

Set measurable goals that you can track easily.

A – Achievable

Be realistic with your goals. Its good to be ambitious, so break those big dreams into small and easier to achieve milestones.

R – Relevant

Stay relevant, stay real. There may be many things you want to achieve to become the next big dropshipping product importer, but each of your goals must resonate with the real cause.

T – Time-based

Time is money, literally. Prioritizing tasks and achieving them will make your dropshipping products rule the market!

Step #2: Plan out Everything

  • Signup sources

The tactics to attract customers are endless. Use various forms provided by the website, landing pages, or the leads ads; the options are vast! Always ask for help from professionals such as  Lead Generation Pop-up Setup and  Irresistible Lead Magnet to make yourself the top dropshipping product importer.

  • Set a target audience

Know your audience and set your campaign accordingly. For example, send out fitness and gym emails to customers with last searches related to dropshipping health products. Targeted marketing always gives the best results.

  • Think of what to write

The power of the word is amazing, so use it! Talk to your customer instead of simply selling your products in their face. Nobody likes automated emails so omit that option right away.

  • Set a sending frequency

Create a schedule to roll out emails accordingly. Don't be too frequent and too less frequent. Either of the two won’t do good to your best-selling dropshipping products.

  • Choose a platform for email marketing.

Bet you’ve heard of MailChimp? Yes, that’s right, choose a reliable source of email marketing campaigns so that your efforts don’t go down the drain.

  • Create a content planner

 One of the reasons for success in email marketing is a planner. So don't skip on this!

Step #3: Email Templates are Important

Email templates make life easier! Ready-made ones or custom-made ones, any GOOD email template will help your list of top products catch each customer's attention.

Step #4: Use Attractive Visuals

Visual content always appeals to the eye. To become the top dropshipping product importer, you need to make your content stronger visually aesthetic so that it is hard to leave the mind.

Step #5: Use Automation

This is where a good email marketing platform comes in handy. You need to set triggers (specific date and time) for your emails to send them automatically. And your dropshipping products are marketed in no time!

Step #6 Follow Mail Regulations

A good dropshipping product importer will follow all rules. Always add an unsubscribe button. It may seem stupid but trust us, it works! Get yourself an active list of mailers; otherwise, sending out emails to dead accounts will cause you more harm than good.

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