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03 January 2021 / Writer: Naveed

Dropshipping Store Top 3 Myths Debunked

Running a dropshipping store is easier said than done. There are a lot of myths floating around in the market that lea d people astray. And due to these myths, people take up this business and are left feeling helpless and frustrated once they start trading and see no instantaneous results. Many dropshipping companies out there have developed over the years to get where they are today; had they followed the myths on the internet, things would have been different with them today.

Let's bust the myths today and see what running a real dropshipping store is really like.


MYTH 1: Running a dropshipping store will make you rich quick.

This myth is by far the most popular of all. There are tons of videos on social media platforms, created by amateur dropshippers, running small dropshipping centres, if none at all, claiming this myth to be true. There is so much false information out there that it perplexes the viewer to the point of quitting.

To start with, the best dropshippers often start a dropshipping store as a side income to their 9 to 5. One key factor to note here is that they love what they are doing and are genuinely interested in running and scaling a dropshipping store. This makes them consistent in their strategy, research, and execution. Over time, after months of trial and error, they start to grasp the business and actually see some profit. After a long time, and with constant efforts, Dropshipping allows you to have a modest life with a consistent income. But it won't turn you into a millionaire, albeit some do become millionaires, but then they have put unlimited hours into their dropshipping store that nobody else is willing to.


MYTH 2: A new dropshipping store won't get any sales.

Most, if not all, dropshipping videos out there show how to scale a dropshipping store that is already making sales. They hardly show what makes a store that influences a consumer to click that 'Buy Now' button and reach the 'Thanks for the order' page.

Indeed, what you are looking to sell is already being sold out there by other dropshipping stores. But most people hardly care about the store they buy from; it is the product they care about and the price and quality that comes with it. You could start a new dropshipping store, place a high-quality product at an economical price, and make a sale by beating your competitor. There are many other things such as SEO listings, clear high-definition photos, low shipping costs, detailed descriptions, to name a few, that could give you a significant advantage over the competitors. For eCommerce, what you sell has the upper hand over who is selling.


MYTH 3: It's easy to find dropshipping suppliers.

It sure is. But finding trustworthy suppliers on whom you could base your business, suppliers who offer quality products at economical prices, is the real challenge for most dropshippers.

Many have been scammed and lost business in the name of bulk orders, upfront payment, delayed delivery, to name a few. Finding a supplier who is a real dropshipping supplier and does it for a living is a daunting task.

Consistency is one of the main problems dropshipping store owners face from suppliers. A supplier must be consistent with their deliveries and products since quality, on-time delivery, and stable prices are crucial for dropshipping companies.


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