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31 December 2020 / Writer: Naveed

Dropshipping Products For Your Ecommerce Store - How to Find?

Doesn’t every dropshipping store owner wish to have products that sell like hotcakes, with little or no effort at all? Finding the right dropshipping products to sell on your dropshipping shop is a daunting task, more challenging if you're an amateur. It is imperative to have in your inventory products that have high demand, but it isn't easy to find them.

So how do you keep offering high-quality products that sell like crazy? Well, this is what we are here to discuss.


Go for the trending dropshipping products.

Dropshipping enables you to forage in a sea of products and find what you think will sell. This is both good and bad – good because it gives you infinite options. Bad because it gets confusing, and you often end up making the wrong decision.

It is apparent that products that are trending are already in high demand; why not sell them? Log on to the eCommerce sites such as Amazon and eBay and look for dropshipping products listed under the 'Bestsellers' tab. Alternatively, you can also look up other resources such as Google Trends,,, to name and find the products in demand.


Finding niche dropshipping products.

There are millions of products to sell; you can't be selling all of them. Sticking to a product niche and being the best at it would be a great way to go about it.

So, decide on a niche. It could be anything. You could be dropshipping shoes, clothes, cosmetics, auto parts, to name a few. Once you are set, do thorough research about the trending products in your niche.

It is important to note that while you are just sticking to one niche for the start, you can expand into other niches and select any dropshipping products. But primarily, it is crucial to get the store up and running and generating revenue.


Competitor Research of dropshipping products.

A simple way to become the best is to learn from the best. Competitor research, if done right, can do marvels for your dropshipping store. You don't need to invest your valuable time doing extensive research to find the best dropshipping products to sell. All you need is to look for your niche's best competitors and study what they are doing.


Try and decipher their pricing strategy, target audience, keywords used, potential demographics, and more. You don't need to copy precisely what they are doing; just study, adapt, and improve. By being one step ahead of your competitors, you will have a good chance to influence customers to click that 'Buy' button.



Finding the right dropshipping products for your dropshipping store is undoubtedly a cumbersome task. It can take months to do in-depth research to conclude. But the best and quick way to do it is trial and error. Start with a niche and sell different products of that niche. See what works and what doesn't. Keep a strict eye on your analytics and study the trends, your target audience for this niche, your audience's spending habits, and more. Once you have the insights, it will be easier to narrow down on consumer interests and placing the right product at the right price point.


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